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We Make Web Sites....
We do the work, you see the results

Don't you think life is difficult enough?

We don't want to be the ones to make it more difficult to run your business. You have enough to do.

So - if we tell you "Oh there's this cool tool that allows you to update your own website!" Is that really helping? Of course not! That's why you hired a web design agency.

We have nothing to hide of course, we can always sit together and talk for hours about jpegs, SVG's PNG's, CSS, CMS, SQL etc. etc. but that's not what you need to know.

So. In essence? We build sites. We can provide everything you need for a successful website, and if we can't? We'll tell you.

So, when do you want us to start?

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Who Are We?

Salix Graphic Design was established over 10 years ago as an art and drawing service for web site designers.

It has evolved over time to become Salix Web Services, which better represents us as a One Stop service for Total Responsive Web Site Design, Web Hosting & Domain Name Registrations, and of course Custom Graphics for Web and Print.

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